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KUHNAST UV-254C UVC UV ligth meterr, the instrument can be widely used in health, medical, chemical, electronics, aerospace and other industries, suitable for ultraviolet sterilization, physiotherapy, fluorescence analysis, ultraviolet lithography, water treatment, breeding areas such as ultraviolet radiation illuminance measurements.

Main features:
1, radiation measurements and laboratory measurements
2, UV curing and printing industry
3, lamp UV intensity and aging
4, industrial process monitoring
5, clinical research and phototherapy
6, semiconductor manufacturing
7, Environmental Monitoring

Product Features:
1, 4-digit backlit LCD and dual display
2, high and low measurement
3, the unit of measurement mw/cm2 or uw/cm2
4, can be installed on a tripod screw hole
5, automatic measurement
6, the low battery indicator
7, Magnetic Hill
8,20 data memory

The main parameters:
Model name: UV254C
Sensor Designation: UVC
Spectrum Range:220~275nm
Calibration Point:254nm
Accuracy:(235C/73.49F) 4% 1 digit
Illumination Range:1 uW/cm2 ~ 40.00mW/cm2
Weight: Approx. 90g(3.17 oz.) without battery and detector ; Approx. 201.6g(7.11 oz.) without battery
Dimensions:140x49x29mm (5.51"x1.93"x1.14")
Accessories:9V Battery, UV Sensor probe, Instruction manual, Carrying case, Sleeve